do anali is a new company that brings a new technology with a new method to implement mathematical programming models. With OPTEX, Do Analytics makes optimization projects easier, faster and effective within less time of development.

The history and development of OPTEX is fruit of the exclusive dedication of a wonderful team, expert in Mathematical Programming and Operations Research, in ADVANCED ANALYTICS, and its applications on real industries.

OPTEX have completed numerous optimization projects in different countries, sectors and cultures, and now it is the time to share OPTEX with all the world.

Logo informs 2015

Do Analytics wiill be present in INFORMS 2015 in Phildelphia, booth 12, Visit us!!

OPTEXMMS a powerful Optimization Meta-Platform capable to generate program codes in the most powerful Mathematical Programing Technologies in the optimization market.

Based in its own Database Mathematical Information System, OPTEX is the new technology, with more than twenty years of experience in real industrial projects, that:

  • Mixes the power of an optimization technology with the easiness of Excel
  • Reduces the development time in your optimization projects
  • Generates the correct SQL statements to access any database system
  • Works as a client and as an optimization server in the cloud
  • Represents new gen to do anali

Easy and Fast, OPTEX is an expert system, a mathematical robot, that accumulates the knowledge generated during more than 40 years in many models for real industrial and social organizations


Download a presentation and/or , assist to tutorials webinars each one will take 30 minutes showing the advantages of OPTEX